From our hands to yours.

Our farm is based on the production of the Tonda Gentile delle Langhe, a Piedmontese excellence with unique characteristics such as the intense aroma and the unmistakable taste that finds its maximum expression in the confectionery production.

From the fruits of the hazel groves that frame Villa Gelso we produce our hazelnut cream in two variants one white, with only hazelnuts and black, with the addition of cocoa.

Among our products, the undisputed queen of our desserts cannot be missing: Alma’s hazelnut cake. A classic of the Piedmontese tradition, a timeless recipe that is handed down from generation to generation.

And to refresh the hot summer days, our homemade ice cream, made as it once was and composed only of genuine and natural ingredients. A slow process that involves more than 24 hours of maturation and the use of only milk, without adding cream.

And finally, our little fruits: popsicles as they used to be with only seasonal fruit, guaranteed taste to please.

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