Villa Gelso was born from an idea of Guglielmo who, together with his family, decided to undertake a new adventure and transform his great-grandfather’s old farmhouse into a holiday farm.

That place, which had inspired and fascinated him since he was a child, had something magical; a house with a warm, positive and welcoming atmosphere, gracefully covered in hazelnut trees and protected by a majestic mulberry tree.

This is how the memories of a child have become the dream of a thirty-year-old man- to welcome people from all over the world, sharing interest, involvement, enthusiasm and love for his land.

In 2013 the dream came true. His passion and ambition have turned into a profession and a daily purpose that, thanks to our guests, are renewed every day.

The family's old farmhouse:
a project for the future.

The history of Villa Gelso, however, began long before the naissance of the holiday farm.

It is in fact an 18th century farmhouse named after an old mulberry tree. The tree still stands today to welcome guests, but was once used to feed silkworms.

Centuries later, the renovation of Villa Gelso began. The philosophy immediately adopted was to create modern, elegant and comfortable rooms by using ancient materials such as stone, lime, wood and iron. In respect of the environment and wellness.

The skillful craftsmen of Langhe used natural lime throughout the construction. Mixing the lime with water and earth they obtained natural colors, giving life to unique healthy, naturally thermoregulated buildings with a low impact to the environment.

A philosophy that can be briefly summarized in the art of learning from the past, preserving the teachings of tradition, with the hope and aim of creating a better future, because the history of Villa Gelso obviously continues

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